Time Finance plc name change

Time Finance plc was formally known as the 1pm plc group of companies. 

We are in the process of changing our name at Companies House, but due to a processing change this will take a few weeks to take effect.  

In the meantime there is no change to our company numbers, registered address, tax and invoicing information, which all remain the same.  

Our subsidiary company are changing their name as follows:

1pm plc becomes Time Finance plc

1pm (UK) Limited (t/a Onepm Finance & Intelligent Loans) becomes Time Broker Finance Limited

Bradgate Business Finance Limited (t/a Onepm Hard Asset Finance) becomes Time Hard Asset Finance Limited

Academy Leasing Limited becomes Time Vendor Finance Limited

Intelligent Financing Limited becomes Time Loan Finance Limited

Gener8 Finance Limited becomes Time Invoice Finance (South) Limited

Positive Cashflow Finance Limited becomes Time Invoice Finance Limited